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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is a specialty that treats all alterations and pathologies of the oral morphology to achieve a beauty cannon that fits the standards of modern society.

Porcelain caps are restorations that cover the front of the tooth, almost always with an aesthetic functionality.
They improve the aspect of our patients, since they allow the modification of the shape, position and color of the teeth, even in complicated cases. It’s the most conservative method used to modify the aesthetics of the smile, as it’s the one that degrades less the tooth.

Resistance to abrasion, wear and fracture is much higher than with composite resin restorations. They’re also resistant to oral fluids and alcohol, and they’re very biocompatible.

They maintain their color and brightness, and make a great fit to the tooth’s margin. They’re homogeneous, so they’re not affected by plaque or get stained, and their bond to the enamel is very strong. Their perfectly polished surface hinders the formation of plaque, improving the periodontal health.
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